Dr Patricia Bonello

Patricia Bonello, Participant, UCC Doctor of Social Science Programme“Dr Patricia Bonello: I am Patricia Bonello, from Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea which forms part of the European Union. I am currently employed as Service Manager, Out of Home Care Programme, with Agenzija Appogg, the main social work service provider on the island, a position I was promoted to at the same time as I was finishing my course.

I am a social worker by profession, having joined the profession as a mature student, approximately 20 years ago. My commitment to the profession was enhanced by the research I undertook and my the writing of my thesis which is entitled, “For better or for worse: Social workers’ identification with their profession”. The fact that I was the only international student undertaking the course meant that the four years involved a considerable amount of travelling and of expense but was made easier by the technological advances which allowed me to feel part of the virtual community, which UCC has become.

Graduation of Dr Pat Bonello

Graduation of Dr Pat Bonello, Doctor of Social Science

I can say that the course was an important enriching element in my career, both professionally and academically. Becoming Dr. Bonello is an important milestone for me! The taught and research elements in the course blended together in a way which I greatly appreciated and which allowed me to cope with both. I am very happy to have undertaken the course and to have acquired so much, both professionally and personally.”

Watch Pat explaining why she chose the DSocSc course to combine a taught element with work-life balance and the support of colleagues (1 min 30 sec):