Guest presenters DSocSc

Guest presenters for the DSocSc programme at UCC have included:


Professor David Taylor, University of Brighton, presenting at the DSocSc symposium, February 2016.

Dr. Mary P.Murphy, Maynooth University: Investing in the Right to a Home

Dr. Paul Corcoran,
National Suicide Research Foundation, UCC,
Epidemiology, suicide and the impact of the recession

Professor Brigid Featherstone
The Open University, UK
‘New Directions in Welfare: New Labour, Families and Fathers’

Professor Robbie Gilligan,
Trinity College Dublin,
Researching Foster Care in Ireland

Professor Kathy Hall,
University College Cork,
Researching from a sociocultural perspective: Trying to understand lifeworlds

Dr. Carmel Hannan,
University of Limerick,
Family Figures: Family Dynamics and Family Types in Ireland,

Dr Jonathan Healy,
Combat Poverty Agency,
The Interface between Research and Policy in Ireland: The Case of Poverty

Professor Bill Jordan,
University of Plymouth, UK,
The ‘well-being turn’ in the social sciences: implications for social policy

Dr. Béatrice Korc,
Directrice, Service Science et Société – CCSTI du Rhône,
Civically engaged research

Dr. Avila Kilmurray,
Director if the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland
Challenges for the Voluntary and Community Sector in the North

Sylda Langford,
Office of the Minister for Children,
The Development of the Office of the Minister for Children

Dr. Evelyn Mahon,
Trinity College Cork,
Divorce and Separation

Dr. Paula Mayock,
Trinity College Dublin,
 Understanding ‘Social Problems’

Eoin McCuirc,
Central Statistics Office
Accessing and disseminating social statistics

Dr. Tina Miller
Oxford Brookes University, UK
Messy ethics: negotiating the terrain between ethics approval and ethical practice

Professor Brian Nolan,
Economic and Social Research Council
The role of social research in Ireland

Dr. Angela O’Connell,
University College Cork,
Participatory research with young people

Dr. Mary O’Donoghue,
University of Limerick,
Class, gender and the politics of social research

Professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes,
University of California, Berkeley,
Militant Anthropology: Scholarship that Takes Sides

Professor Mike Tomlinson,
Queen’s University Belfast,
Researching Poverty: What ‘counts’ as poverty?

Dr. Carole Truman,
Lancaster University, UK,
Connecting Epistemology with Methods in Health Research with Gay Men