Dr Fiona Dukelow

Dr Fiona DukelowDr Fiona Dukelow: I am a lecturer in social policy at the School of Applied Social Studies.

Completed in the mid 1990s, my PhD examined the impact of poststructuralist thinking on the welfare state and I continue to have an interest in this and related areas of social theory and their implication for the politics of the welfare state.  

Recently the focus of my research has centred on Irish politics and social policy. To this end I  have co-authored, with Mairéad Considine, a text entitled Irish Social Policy: A Critical Introduction (Gill and Macmillan, 2009) and co-edited, with Órla O’Donovan, a collection looking at radical writing and political action in Ireland entitled Mobilising Classics: Reading Radical Writing in Ireland (Manchester University Press, 2010).  I am currently working an edited collection with Rosie Meade, Defining Events: Power, Resistance and Identity in 21stCentury Ireland, with Manchester University Press. I am also working on a number of papers with Mairéad Considine examining the impact of the economic crisis on Irish social policy and considering the longer term impact of retrenchment on the architecture of the Irish welfare state.