Current participants – DSocSc

The term ‘participant’ is used in preference to ‘student’ to indicate that we all come to the DSocSc programme with existing knowledge that is shared within the DsocSc learning community. The DSocSc learning community is supported through the DSocSc discussion group, bi-annual symposia, and other events open to both current and past DSocSc participants.

Participants in the UCC Doctor of Social Science programme

Find out more about some of the current and previous participants of the UCC Doctor of Social Science programme:

Year by year:


  • Dr. Cliona Loughnane (2016): Problematising Big Food’s appetite for policymaking: the case of childhood obesity.
  • Dr. Louise O’Meara (2016): Leadership in the community sector: promoting collaboration and social change in Belfast.
  • Dr. Claire Hickey (2016): Building an index of well-being for children living in Ireland: conceptual, measurement and policy considerations.
  • Dr. Dermot Kavanagh (2015): Constructing and governing homelessness in Dublin 1970-2010: A critical discourse analysis.
  • Dr. Maria Power (2015): Community workers’understandings and practices of resistance.
  • Dr. Dave Williams (2015) Experiences of the foster care process in Ireland: retrospective accounts from bioloigcal childen of foster carers.
  • Dr John Weafer (2013): The Lived Experience of Irish Diocesan Priests: A Qualitative Study of Clerical Identity, Obedience and Celibacy.
  • Dr Lucy Hyland (2013): ‘Doing’ separation in contemporary Ireland: The Experiences of Women who Separate in Midlife.
  • Dr Caroline Cullen (2012): A Discourse Analysis of the Ryan Report: The Construction of Children in Care in Irish Social Policy.
  • Dr Marguerite Hughes (2012): Non-governmental Organisations, Legitimacy and Accountability, 1994-2009: Analysis and Implications for the Role of Nongovernmental Organisations.
  • Dr. Patricia Bonello (2011): For Better For Worse: Social Workers’ Identification with Their Profession.
  • Dr. Fiachra O’Suilleabhain: (2011) Stepping Out: An Examination of Gay Men’s Experiences as Parents in Contemporary Ireland.
  • Dr. Hilary Tierney:  (2010) Testing Times and Illuminating Journeys: Story and Metaphor in Fieldwork Practice Supervision.